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I’m DC, and I’m a fashion enthusiast from Los Angeles with really big dreams…

When I was younger, my family couldn’t afford all the cool new toys, the name brand clothes, or the latest Air Jordans. After college, I noticed a huge increase in the popularity of streetwear and indie clothing companies. I started reading the success stories of clothing entrepreneurs like Johnny Cupcakes, Benny Gold, and Nicky “Diamond” Tershay. Hearing their stories of hard work and success motivated me to learn everything I could about the industry and how I could create my own success. I wanted to build something positive; I wanted to establish a brand that had solid meaning at its foundation. I took a giant leap of faith and decided to start Upper Status Shop.

Upper Status Shop is the men's buyers guide to an affordable lifestyle. We are a curated, online shopping destination for men to discover unexpected products, fashion brands and accessories to elevate their lifestyle. We have been able to establish great networks with brands and suppliers to help you discover modern designs and products that are up to 70% Off. Don't let price be the deciding factor on how you look!

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What people are saying about us...

“The quality of these products are what impressed me the most”
- Chris Franco
 - Blogger & Youtube

"The gear is fire! Plus it doesn't costs my whole check to buy like other hot brands! Excellent quality."
- Derrick